Genadyne XLR8 Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

Genadyne gives a new dimension to Negative Pressure Wound Therapy ( NPWT) with the XLR8 [Accelerate]. A complete woundcare system with the smallest and lightest pump. It weighs only 600 grams. The pump is supplied with a carry bag. This allows the optimal freedom of movement for your patients during their recovery period and speeds up patient mobilization.

Product Description



Weighs less than 21 ounces.
Whisper Quite Operation.
Vibrant easy to read Display.
40-230mmhg pressure range.
Advanced Alarm System.
Built in Li-ion battery full recharge in 3 hours.


Whisper quiet operation
Flexible wound dressings
Intuitive user interface
Atraumatic wound care protocols
Enhanced patient mobility