Freedom Medical Convertible I

Self-Adjusting Alternating Pressure Mattress Replacement with optional Alternating Pressure Pump


Delivering a breakthrough in science, safety and comfort to the patient experience with unmatched benefits, versatility, comfort & safety



  • Helps prevent and treat skin breakdown
  • Treatment of Stage I-IV uncomplicated wounds
  • Greater immersion
  • Provides uninterrupted pressure redistribution
  • 12-13 alternating pressure baffles


  • Non-powered controlled release, self-adjusting Alternating Pressure (AP)
  • Dynamic Alternating Pressure (AP) optional
  • Low Air Loss (LAL) optional
  • On demand 25° turn assist (TA) optional


  • Firmer edge for ease of egress
  • 360° coverlet
  • Non-skid bottom
  • Evacuation straps
  • Heel gradient for heel and lower leg protection
  • 1” visco elastic foam for increased support


Convertible I – Alternating Pressure Model

Standard: 12 liter AP pump = 500 lb. capacity for 36” x 80’-84” x 7”mattress

Bariatric: 50 liter AP pump = 1,000 lb. capacity for 39”-42”-48”-54” x 80”-84” x 7”mattress


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Product Description

Length:  80”- 84”
Width:  36”,39”,48”
Height:  6”- 7”
Control Unit:  Pump
Weight Capacity:  500~1000 lbs
Therapy:  Self adjusting AP, optional dynamic AP
Indication for use:  Uncomplicated stage I-IV
Contraindication:  None