Freedom Medical Comfort III

The most advanced Low Air Loss mattress replacement available providing 2 modalities of therapy. True Low Air Loss, and Pulsation Therapy, (adjustable cycle times from 1 to 99 min). Also provides state of the art micro-controller technology, constantly monitors mattress pressures, automatically sets pressures when patient weight and height are entered. Software flexibility allows customer changes (custom pressures, times, and functions) User-friendly digital LCD panel displays current mode, various times, weight and height, patient comfort pressure level bar graph, “Zone display”  shows actual mattress pressure in mmHg, and various other functions. Manual upright Fowler position & inflates the mattress to 20% higher pressure, to eliminate patient bottoming.


Plug and play auto-sensing control unit, has a high airflow blower, 45 ± 5 CFM (1275 liters per minute).

Product Description

Length:  80”
Width:  36”,39”,48”
Height:  8”- 10”
Control Unit:  Blower
Weight Capacity:  360~1000 lbs
Therapy:  LAL, Pulse
Indication for use:  Complicated stage I-IV
Contraindication:  Unstable neck or spine