Freedom Medical Comfort I

The most advanced Low Air Loss mattress replacement available providing Alternating Pressure Therapy with multiple adjustable cycle times. Micro-controller shuts off the pump once the desired patient comfort pressure is obtained. Pump is off most of the time. Max Flow mode with 45 minute timer for rapid inflation of the mattress, inflates in 20 ~30 minutes depending on the size of the mattress. Control unit provides effective static, alternating pressure therapy, & Low Air loss therapy. Lock out key completely locks the control panel to eliminate tampering of the patient settings, including power switch. Audiovisual alarms in the event of power outage or low pressures (hose disconnect). Alarm silence key to mute alarm. Internal memory always retains current settings during power outage, will resume desired operation upon power restoration. Holds air in the mattress for days in the event of power outage. Quick disconnect airflow connector for rapid attach and CPR deflate function.


Plug and play auto-sensing control unit has single airflow Pump (12 liters per minute). Appropriate for the treatment and prevention of uncomplicated stage I-IV wounds. Contraindicated for the treatment of unstable cervical spine.

Product Description

Length:  80”
Width:  36”
Height:  8”- 10”
Control Unit:  Pump
Weight Capacity:  360 lbs
Therapy:  AP
Indication for use:  Uncomplicated stage I-IV
Contraindication:  Unstable neck or spine