Drager Isolette C2000

An advanced thermoregulation system, controlled by Dräger’s PID algorithm, keeps the baby in a stable environment. Very low air velocity over the mattress area creates a calm zone that surrounds the neonate to inhibit convective heat loss, while dual air curtains and preemptive regulation mechanisms maintain virtually stable conditions during access to the infant.  The servo-controlled humidifier provides optimal comfort levels and helps to prevent the excessive transepidermal water loss and evaporative heat loss common in the first days of neonatal life. The double wall design further maximizes heat conservation.  

The easy-to-move Isolette 2000 gives you the placement flexibility you need. With its compact design and small footprint, it fits easily in almost any NICU design, maximizing space for other equipment, caregivers and parents. The recessed cabinet allows caregivers and family to sit comfortably and closely to the baby.