Currie ALP 501

The ALP® DVT Prevention System is a non-invasive external intermittent pneumatic
compression system used as prophylaxis for reducing the incidence of Deep Vein
Thrombosis ( DVT ). The ALP® consists of a pneumatic compression pump and an
extensive range of breathable garments, including foot, calf-length, and thigh-length.
The ALP® is designed to be a user friendly and patient compliant system in order to
achieve a high level of nurse and patient satisfaction, which are critical components
to promoting patient compliance and positive clinical outcomes. The ALP® has been
clinically proven to reduce the incidence of Deep Vein Thrombosis ( DVT ). Clinical
Studies utilizing the ALP® calf and thigh garments have yielded remarkable DVT rates
in the range of .35% – 1.1% in high-risk patient populations