Suction Shutdown

Freedom Medical, one of the nation’s leaders in outsourcing needs of hospital biomedical equipment, can provide both short term and/or long term rentals of suction units for your facility’s needs.

Freedom Medical can provide either continuous, intermittent, or a combination of both tabletop units as your needs dictate.

Freedom Medical makes it easy for your facility’s needs. Simply call us with the total amount of units needed, the date you need them delivered, and if you will also need the disposable canisters and tubing and we take care of the rest.

Suction units will arrive patient ready to your facility, accompanied with biomedical inspection certification sheets for your JCAHO tracking purposes. When you are done with the suction units, call us and we will come pick them up.

For more information on our Suction Shutdown Program, including pricing, please call 800.784.8849 to be put in contact with your local Sales Representative.

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