Asset Management

Find the equipment you need…in seconds. With expert management…on­‐site.

FreedomTrack’s clinical-­grade RTLS™ system

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Health care moves at the speed of light – and when patients need equipment, you simply can’t afford to lose a minute. Get ahead of the curve with FreedomTrack – the most advanced Real-­Time Location System technology available. Get the latest in asset management – overseen by the industry’s best and brightest.

Powered by CenTrak®, a leader in asset tracking platforms, FreedomTrack’s clinical-­grade RTLS™ system is fast, accurate and worry-­free – supporting over 100 healthcare software applications. With the meticulous services of our skilled on-­site equipment management staff, the FreedomTrack™ program lets you capture location information about moveable equipment, patients and staff in seconds – eliminating costly search time while reducing loss and theft. Best of all, CenTrak allows you to optimize your own equipment, rather than spending money on unnecessary rentals.

It’s the most advanced RTLS available anywhere. Our state-­of-­the-­art technology crystallizes asset visibility and automates workflow, ensuring a future-­‐proof investment and maximized ROI.

Our on-­site Freedom Medical staff flawlessly performs daily equipment responsibilities, from quickly moving equipment to specifically ordered patient care areas to retrieving and decontaminating soiled equipment. That means you get the fastest turnaround of equipment back to patient-­ready status, ensuring:

  • Lower operational cost of equipment technician staffing (payroll, training, turnover, etc.)
  • Increased efficiencies in daily equipment processes
  • Quicker ROI with our dedicated administration of the RTLS
  • Higher utilization of facility-­owned equipment
  • Lower unjustified equipment rental expense
  • Dramatic reduction in equipment loss and/or theft
  • Ongoing trended data reporting for equipment utilization, rental trend, critical alert, preventive maintenance and more
  • Improved nursing satisfaction

SEE how this revolutionary technology can enhance your patient care model.

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